Palumbo Group began its activity as a fairly small carpentry and metal work yard to support the local shiprepair industry.
Today, the company, which has recently celebrated half a century of history full of significant results, is one of the major international players for shipbuilding, maintenance and refitting.


The Group, with a logistic network of 8 shipyards in the Mediterranean and a representative office in Monaco, consists of two divisions: Palumbo Shipyards for commercial shipbuilding and Palumbo Superyachts for yachting.

Palumbo is able to deliver VALUE and TRUST. Some of the most complex and challenging repair and refit projects have been successfully carried out by highly skilled engineers. Capable experts have been recruited and trained to operate with the most updated technologies.

Yard managers with excellent reputation in the industry, well connected sales   teams and ex captains blend into an “International Network” able to connect to worldwide owner representative and yacht manager in a clear, transparent, smooth and comfortable way.

We support customers with a wide range of time-sensitive multitasking services. While maintaining the value of the asset we manage its quality providing technical and design improvements and upgrades in the shortest time possible.


Born with the brand Columbus in 2008, the Palumbo Superyachts division is focused  in the design, construction and refit of superyachts. For the New Build in addition to the historical brand Columbus, it also holds the brand ISA Yachts acquired in 2016. The Palumbo Superyachts Refit section, with its 5 sites in the Mediterranean, is today the largest superyachts maintenance and repair network.