Work in progress for new Syncro Lift at Palumbo Superyachts Ancona

After so many radical investments on all infrastructure of the shipyard acquired in 2016, Palumbo Superyachts Ancona is now focusing on the realization of new structures and works that give the possibility to create a new lifting system and welcome mega yachts with weights up to a limit of 3300 tons.

Generally, this new system is called “Syncro Lift”, in particular "Ship Lift Platform 3300".

Technically, the entire structure consists of a steel platform of 81 meters and a width of more than 19 meters, supported by 14 large winches that allow the lifting or launching of mega yachts, with a draft up to 6 meters from sea level.

The completion of the works and the full operation of the Syncro Lift will be scheduled for the end of January 2019.

With its potential, this infrastructure becomes essential for yachts now under construction and in advanced construction.

New Syncro Lift will be in addition to the continuous major refitting works required by large tonnage yachts that currently do not have a yard reference able to offer such operations throughout the Adriatic coast and beyond.

Here you find some shots of reinforced concrete structures that have been realized to make them operational with the new Syncro Lift.

The images are linked to the first crossbar of the new platform that will be followed by other 30 exceptional transports for more components that will be coupled and processed in the Ancona shipyard with a subsequent installation on the shipyard docks, dredging and the construction of underwater bulkheads to contain them.

This new structure will be used to expand refit works and to perform launching of new yachts up to 110 meters.

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