14.000 sqm
45,930 sqf

Palumbo Superyachts Savona srl

Lungomare Matteotti 6
17100 Savona

+39 019 828516
+39 019 823418 fax


Palumbo Shipyard is strategically located and covers a wide and unique area and has one of the largest capacity for both construction and refit in the Mediterranean sea. Savona harbour is locateci on the seafront, 39km from Genova international airport, 190 km fromViareggio's boatbuilding centre,120 km from the French border.


Yard facilities and services

  • 1 wet dock {SOm x 14m)
  • 6 production slots far yachts between 40 and 60m LOA {total area 7,540 sqm)
  • Up to 6 slots far ashore refitting 30-60m LOA
  • Up to 7 mooring slots far yachts up to 60m LOA
  • Travel lift 820 tons
  • Joinery, metal shop and warehouse {total area 2,650 sqm)
  • Captains and surveyors' dedicateci offices


  • CAD driven steel plasma cut, bending machinery,
    controlled area painting, in house engine service
  • 8 berths far yachts from 20m to 40m
  • 12 hard standing places far yachts from 20m to 40m
  • 4 berths far yachts from 40m to 75m
  • 4 hard standing places far yachts from 40m to 65m
  • Travel lift of 820 tons
  • Two boat movers: 300 and 60 tons
  • Multipurpose lift

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